Friday, February 16, 2007

Elective Cesareans

More and more professionals are speaking up about the elective cesarean. Why is there any controversy in the first place? Expectant mothers need to be educated that this is not just another way to give birth - it is major abdominal surgery, which had an original purpose to save lives, not make birth more convenient. Many of the arguements used for elective cesareans (scheduling, sexual dysfunction, fear of pain) are abandoned once expectant mothers read the facts.

There is no arguement that cesareans do save lives and there are times when cesareans are necessary. Cannot we show our children from the very beginning that we are concerned about their well-being by putting their health first? After all, isn't that part of what parenting is?

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antepartumdoula said...

This is why it is so important to inform clients, potential clients and parents that we meet, that c-sections are MAJOR abdominal surgery.
It seems like c-sections are becoming like epidurals. It's easy. No labor pains.