Thursday, February 07, 2008

Conference Season

I know it is only February but conference season is coming quickly. I was asked to speak at the CIMS (Coalition for Improving Maternity Services) conference in Orlando in March - it will be nice the thaw out PLUS get a jump start on networking with my birthing colleagues. It will be interesting to see what the buzz is regarding the latest issue of JOGNN - I was delighted to see information about normal birth and how nurses are urged to learn about caring for women who desire NO INTERVENTIONS. I get very frustrated when my nursing colleagues practice what I call "macromanagement" of their patients - a.k.a. sitting in front of the computers and monitors instead of helping to facilitate the birthing process. I am convinced that nursing schools do not give them the tools they need to care for normal birth situations. They give nurses GREAT skills to handle a crisis but virtually none for normal birth - which is the higher percentage of births. How can we change this? Can we shove the paradigm?

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