Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Return from the CIMS Conference

According to Wikipedia: A blizzard is a severe winter storm condition characterized by low temperatures, strong winds, and heavy blowing snow. Blizzards are formed when a high pressure system, also known as a ridge, interacts with a low pressure system; this results in the advection of air from the high pressure zone into the low pressure area.

Traveling home from the CIMS Conference in Orlando took 2 days and I didn't drive. Flights were canceled to all of the locations closest to home AND to home. So I enjoyed Atlanta for 2 days then flew into Cincinnati as the flights were booked to Dayton until March 11 - today. Need to know anything about Hartsfield/Jackson Airport - I am your gal~!

Note to self: extend self-moratorium on travel from November 1 - March 1 to November 1 - April 1. That should catch all of the blizzards....

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labortrials said...

That really stinks! And to not be able to get back through your home airport, yuck!

Still jealous that you were at CIMS and wanting to *hear* more!!!

=) Kimberly