Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Coming Together...It is time...

What if all of the leaders of childbirth organizations came together for a summit meeting?

What if leaders came together for a summit to talk about the state of birth in the US?

What if the leaders who attended the summit put away their organizational differences and all focused attention on educating expectant parents?

What if the leaders focused on the increase in cesarean section, increase in inductions, increase in epidural anesthesia and the LACK of change in the maternal/infant mortality/morbidity rates?

What if they dedicated their joint marketing services to educate parents for the next 12 months?

What if the organizations' members rededicated their efforts to present objective and evidence-based information ~ with honesty and truth?

What if all of the efforts work? What if the cesarean rate, induction rate, anethesia rates went down? And WHAT if the maternal/infant mortality/morbidity rates in the US got better?

A Coming Together...It is time...because the time is NOW!

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