Monday, December 29, 2008

Facebook & Breastfeeding

Yep, Facebook banned breastfeeding photos and may have bullied several mothers into taking down breastfeeding photos.


They have done breastfeeding advocates, lactivists, educators, consultants and specialists as well as mothers and babies an enormous favor! They have focused attention on this very normal, natural and without contest, the best food for babies - breastmilk.

Rocketing breastfeeding to the very top of major news magazine shows this morning and even on the Sunday (12/28) news, Facebook has single handedly done in less than 3 days what breastfeeding professionals have been trying to do for years. It single handedly boosted the conversation about the positives about breastfeeding into the limelight.

See the New York Time coverage ~ click here

Except for some Neanderthals who persist that breasts are primarily sexual objects and not sources of food for babies, most who report the story about Facebook defend breastfeeding.

What else can I say?

Thanks Facebook!

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