Sunday, August 24, 2008

T-minus18 Days to Lamaze

The Lamaze Conference begins September 11 and I am busy getting new inventory in for the event. This year I have purchased a corner booth so I can inflate the Birth Pool In A Box (or BPIAB) and have it on display. Just a little heavier than hauling your laptop, the BPIAB can be put in the bag after deflating and flung over your shoulder for easy carrying!

Also new this year are Henna Tattoo Kits, Blessing Way Kits, Belly Casting Kits, and Belly Bump Mugs! We have new pens to give out and some real surprises too.

We will have a clearance section where you will find some amazing deals!

New at the booth this year is my daughter Erin! She picked out our new purple and yellow conference shirts. A recent graduate from Xavier University, Erin is trying her hand at conference exhibiting. Oh, she has exhibited before but just at a "show" booth, not at a retail booth. I will be coaching her in the coming days about how slammed we get between the sessions! LOL!

If you are not on our mailing list for the Childbirth Today monthly e-newsletter, sign up today at! You will receive money saving coupons to use at the Lamaze Conference!

Well, enough fun. I have to get back to inventory!

Monday, August 11, 2008

No Surprise: How The Media Continues to Look At McConaughey & Childbirth

Well it was no surprise today when the media even took a stab at normal-media-darling Matthew McConaughey when he was talking about he and his partner's recent childbirth experience.

McConaughey and partner plan to plant the placenta ~ a tradition, I might add, of many in this world. Additionally, McConaughey also mentioned he kept time with the contractions by drumming, again another tradition of many in this world.

Too bad the media didn't realize that some have a world view of topics including childbirth. The media is always so considerate of multi-cultural views on topics - apparently only topics THEY want to be multi-cultural about! If a real person(s) such as McConaughey and Camilla want to explore their inner instincts, set a more relaxed mood in childbirth and in the process be a little multi-cultural, it is to the verbal guillotine for them!

To the great surprise of the media, women in the US or even the world are NOT lining up like cattle for elective cesareans. An increasing number of women are seeking out a more gentle birth experience - many are also seeking out alternative or natural childbirth.

Odd isn't it that natural childbirth is considered the alternative and interventive childbirth is considered the tradition. Go figure.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

World Breastfeeding Week

Now that World Breastfeeding Week is coming to a close for 2008, I am still distressed at the lack of breastfeeding success in light of all of the celebrations! A recent C.D.C. study showed that in 2005, only 48% of Kentucky babies were breastfed. Compare that to Tennessee at 56.9%, Missouri at 67.5%, and Illinois at 71.2%.

Perhaps it is the Breastfeeding Packs that mothers receive in the hospital that are from formula companies. Is that not an oxymoron? The history of breastfeeding and formula companies is not new, nor is the distaste that breastfeeding proponents have for companies such as Nestle. In 1977, the US began a boycott against Nestle - this boycott had much to do with the way the company marketed breastmilk substitutes to less economically advantaged countries. Formula often has to be diluted with water and in such countries, water is much less safe to drink that here in the US. Among the first to join on in this campaign were Professor and Mrs. Derek Jelliffe, who contributed to establishing the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action.

Not only is the dilution of formula with tainted water dangerous, but in such poor countries, mothers often use less than the required amount of powder or concentrated formula in an effort to SAVE money. As a result, babies are nutritionally at a severe disadvantage and are 25 times more likely to die of diarrhea and/or inadequate nutrition. Not to mention the fact that these formula fed babies are missing out on the antibodies and immunities that only breastmilk can provide.

Most like mother herself? I don't think so. Breastfeeding is being undermined in this country by formula companies who are sometimes owned by pharmaceutical companies. The seduction lies in the companies offering to pay for seminars for hospital nurses or even worse, construction in hospitals. Therefore, hospitals feel obligated to pass out "breastfeeding bags" provided by formula companies.

Isn't there a way to stop this insanity?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Another Dry Spell :(

Yes, I know I have not updated this thing in another 7 days. My Bad. But I have a good excuse. Two of the Faculty on Advanced Birthing Concepts came up with two new products, which we will debut at the Lamaze Conference. I have been working on those. They are breastfeeding products and I have to say I am really, super excited about them.

Not to mention getting in new inventory for the upcoming conferences: Lamaze and Midwives Alliance of North America. I will be new to the MANA conference and can't wait to see some old friends and make some new ones, some of whom I have met on Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, do any of you have a Facebook page? It is GREAT fun and wastes entirely too much of my time...but since I am on the computer all of the time anyway, what is another 10 minutes?

Be sure to check out - we have had ALOT of great positive feedback about it!!!!!