Monday, April 13, 2009

Happier, Healthier Children with Breastfeeding

Perhaps it is because I breastfed my two, very well adjusted, intelligent children.
Perhaps it is because I have been a birth advocate for 29 years.
Perhaps it is because I know the biology, and psychology behind it all.

No matter the "perhaps", it still amazes me that we have to spend billions of dollars and study something like breastfeeding and spending time mothering our children to validate the impact and importance of it.

Take the recent results from a 29 year study from the University of Queensland Mater Hospital.

"I'm not sure that it's the breastfeeding, or whether the breastfeeding is a marker for the kind of attention the mother wants to pay to the child, but we're seeing children who are happier, healthier, with better mental health in children who are breastfed," says Dr. Jake Najman.

Monitoring began in 1981 when the mothers turned up for their first pregnancy clinic visit at the Mater Hospital, then at the child's birth, five days later, at six months of age, five years of age, and then when they turned 21.

Dr Najman's team invited 8,400 mothers at the beginning of 1981, who gave birth to 7,223 children, who have been followed up ever since.

It is so simple. Breastfeed and mother your babies. Love them. Care for them. And watch the impact that will have on society.

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