Monday, June 08, 2009

OB Not Specialist In L & D

A colleague sent to me a link from an article that came out April 14 (close, but not a full moon then) extolling the benefits of walking during labor. The executive editor of Medpage Today wrote about the tremendous benefits of walking in labor ~ a significant shortened length of labor AND a reduced need for pain medication such as epidural anesthesia. There is even a colorful sidebar that was titled "Action Point": Explain to interested patients that this study suggests that an upright position may be an effective way to shorten the first stage of labor, but the authors note that women may seek several different positions as labor progresses."

Well, at least the word is getting out even though it took many of us 3 decades or more to see it printed where physicians could also see it.

But wait, there's more......

A Florida Chief of OB/GYN stated (and I quote): "The C-section rate is three times higher [than 20 years ago], yet babies are not healthier. It's not helping. I think it's because we are still generalists. We don't have doctors who specialize completely in labor and delivery. They would have more experience with every situation that can arise. They wouldn't resort to C-sections as fast."

All along I thought an OB was, in fact, the labor and birth specialist in the physician world.

What is he saying?

Is he saying that physicians don't know about normal birth?

Is he saying that midwives know more about normal birth?

Does anyone know what he is saying?


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