Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Outrageous? You tell me!


Who doesn't like to play? There are brooms, vacuums and sweepers for girls, along with Easy Bake Ovens, Barbies, Girl Gourmet! Cupcake Makers, and Hannah Montana Malibu Beach Houses. For boys, there are guns, tanks, night vision goggles, grotesque monsters and aliens, and Spike the Ultra Dinosaur who eats boulders.

But no new toy has gotten so much attention or outraged so many than bebe Gloton. Perhaps some of the outrage is due to (a) the fact that it comes from a company that wants to promote breastfeeding or (b) the way that the translation of Gloton has gone from greedy to overeating. Having researched the various meanings of the glutton in the American dictionary and knowing the desires of this company to promote breastfeeding, I feel their translation is more of "a person with a great desire or capacity for something" ~ if you have ever seen a breastfeeding baby, this definition fits!

One blogger stated that they were very pro-breastfeeding but that it was completely inappropriate to allow girls to mimic it. Mmm, it is ok for boys to mimic murder, war, and violence but not ok for girls to mimic a perfectly normal body function THAT THEY DON'T NEED A SPECIAL DOLL TO DO ANYWAY!? Oh, and as one female television host said, she'd rather have her daughter own a doll that has a BM than a doll that breastfeeds.

What does she think the origin of that poop is anyway?

Breastfeeding is not a sexual experience, it is an experience of nutrition and health. It is the normal way that all mammals feed their young. Some critics say that this baby doll is not age appropriate...so it is ok for a disproportionate Barbie to be the role model for little girls?

You decide:

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