Saturday, October 17, 2009

ICEA Convention In OK City

Inspiration comes in many forms and from various sources.

Take a website for example. The website was inspired by a couple in my childbirth class in the spring of 2008, and I was their doula at their amazing waterbirth in June 2008. When encouraged in class to research their childbirth options, Jen (not her real name) mentioned how difficult it was to get through all of the opinion and commentary to get to the real research.

Soon after that, was born.

Today, in my session Creating & Marketing Your Birth Related Business, several session attendees have inspired me.

So to Donna, Kathy, Kathryn, Loretta, Donna, Janet, Lindsay, Caroline, Jan and ALL of the others who attended my session, know that in the coming months there will be new offerings from Perinatal Education Associates, Inc. dedicated to you! the fun begins!

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