Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lamaze: Spectacular Venue, Spectacular Conference

Having just returned from 7 days in sunny and warm Florida, I am rather reluctant to catch the apple cider and sweater weather. Just two days ago, I was sitting under these very palm trees in a hammock on the DisneyWorld property Coronado Springs Resort, the site of the 2009 Lamaze Conference. While the expense of staying on Disney property may have kept some attendees away, those that did attend were not disappointed...either by the venue or by the conference. Second only to the Caribbean Beach (IMHO), the Coronado Springs was a fantastic venue for a conference. Good food, great service and the tranquil atmosphere ~ well, let's just say it was really difficult to leave!

The exhibit hall was full of the regular vendors and some new ones. It was great to see Suzanne Arms, DONA International, The Family Way, CIMS and our friend Dianne Moran from Customized Communications Inc.

The speakers were varied and interesting and new this year was the webinar concept! How great to have a select number of speakers right in your home if you could not attend the conference!

By the way, if anyone attended my session and would like a hard copy of the Power Point Slides, I will have them as pdfs on hopefully soon!

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