Thursday, December 03, 2009

Your Birth Business Part 4C ~ Email Power!

Email Power? Other than responding to queries or sending email, what type of power does email have?

Advertising power!

Most email programs, such as Outlook and Yahoo, have something called a signature or signature file. This signature comes up every time (automatically) an email is sent...whether it originates with you (the sender) or is a response to someone who emails you.

When you find the signature component on your email program, be certain to click all of the appropriate features, such as "use signature on outgoing mail" and "use signature on response mail".

Second, decide on what to place in your email signature. Most people put their names, positions in a company, credentials, etc. Today, more and more people are adding the website address(s), blog address, Facebook and/or Twitter to the signature. This is a GREAT idea as it is a constant reminder to the receiver of your email as to how to find you.

Additionally, most business persons also add their email (even though this may be redundant) and their phone numbers. Phone numbers are an important addition to an email signature because this, like website urls and Facebook, is a constant and consistent reminder of how to reach you.

Write out our signature first to see how it would look. It might look something like this:

Sally Werksalot
President, BirthnBabies Lactation Consulting Service, LLC
1-555-555-2229 (555-BABY)
"Only mothers can think of the future-because they give birth to it in their children."- Maxim Gorky

The last line of the signature is generically called a coolsig. A coolsig is a quotation or emotional line that gives the reader insight into the sender. Obviously, a coolsig with a negative angle will give the receiver an negative view of the sender. So if you add a coolsig, perhaps use your business tag line!

This final word about emails has really nothing to do with signatures. It has to do with responding to emails. Everyone likes to be heard...most like to be validated for what they say or write. If you receive an email, from a friend, colleague or customer/client...if nothing else, respond that you did receive their email. This is obviously not true for junk mail. Responding to a friend, colleague or customer/client is just the polite thing to do...yes, Virginia there is etiquette on the internet. Now, if you have a Spam Filter who is an over-achiever and your find a plethora of unanswered emails (that need responses) in your spam box, ANSWER THEM and explain that you do have an over-achieving spam filter and that you just NOW found their email.

So make your signature file today! One more way to promote you and your business!

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