Friday, April 09, 2010

Are You A Veteran Too????

I had to laugh at myself this morning as I was setting up for Day 2 of the ICEA Professional Childbirth Educator Workshop.

We are starting the day with teaching comfort measures and I took out my mini-speakers and I-Pod.

I remembered the first childbirth class I ever taught in Lompoc, California in August of 1980. I had a cassette tape of relaxation music.

Some years later, I was teaching childbirth classes at a community college south of Melbourne, Florida and I had a boom box.

Now a set of speakers and COUNTLESS tunes on my I-Pod. Including my favorite to teach relaxation and breathing ~ "Mexican Memories" by Michael Jones from his Seascapes CD.

We've come a long way baby! A very long way. ROFLOL!

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