Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Test to Determine If Cesarean is Necessary

Just as the CDC issued the 2009 Cesarean Section Statics ~ we are now at 32.9%, up from 32.3%, a Swedish company, Obstecare, has developed a test that measures the amount of lactic acid in the amniotic fluid.

In a press release issued today (Dec 22,2010) by a New Jersey Law Firm, "if high levels of lactic acid are present, it is doubtful that the mother will be able to deliver the baby vaginally, as lactic acid at certain levels begins to inhibit contractions. The test could help end difficult labors earlier by indicating that a C-section is necessary."  The press release also said "For the mothers that endure prolonged hours of labor only to have a Cesarean section (C-section) in the end, a new test performed at the early stages of labor could indicate that a C-section should be performed."

Could this become standard for all obstetricians to use before labor and delivery?


Enjoy Birth said...

I hope not! We don't need something else telling moms they can't have a vaginal birth. That seems horrible. Let's try instead to provide them with more support throughout their births, maybe that support would help lower the lactic acid in the fluid!

But honestly I don't care what a test says, each woman is an individual and she should be supported in her birth choices.

Connie said...

I totally agree, however if it could be used to reduce the current cesarean section rate by identifying problematic labors, I might be encouraged. I want to examine their research as well.

Sarah said...

Rube Goldberg strikes again. So. Apparently lactic acid levels determine whether a mother will "fail to progress." Does this mean we embrace loving, uninterrupted, supportive, healthy care in labour? Heck, no! Let's create yet another invasive, anxiety-causing mandatory pseudoscientific TEST!

How do high levels of lactic acid appear? Muscular stress is one. Say, the sort of muscular stress a mother shows when clenching her jaw, straining with her limbs, and otherwise trying to escape the unbearable pain of being forced to labour ON HER BACK and WITHOUT ANY KIND OF CALM REASSURANCE OR ENCOURAGEMENT OR HECK, EVEN BACK RUBS.

Or the muscular tension from hours of PURPLE PUSHING IN THE DEAD COCKROACH POSITION which is only slightly less ergonomic for birthing a baby than yogic headstanding.

Ina May Gaskin has a c-section rate of roughly two percent at The Farm. Why not ask her how to avoid c-sections? I don't think she'd find this new test useful.