Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Teaching Childbirth Education Seminars

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One of the professional gifts I have been given is the opportunity to train individuals to become childbirth educators.  Having worked for several childbirth education organizations, and now finalizing the opportunity to work with Lamaze International, I have had the opportunity to update my curriculum. Part of that updating is adding new slants on certain topics.

The topic of "how to reach the learners in your class" is one that usually takes a lot of time as it is vital to understand the learning techniques of the vast majority of people attending.  Childbirth education is NOT cookie cutter education.  You simply cannot be handed a curriculum and be expected to teach effectively. Teaching is part education and part entertainment.  Simply sitting in a class won't make you educated, just like sitting in a garage will not make you a car.

So how does one reach the learners in your class.  First, a thorough understanding of how the brain works is essential.  Not for the squeamish, this video "How It Feels To Have A Stroke" by Jill Bolte Taylor demonstrates the vastness of the functionality of the brain.

Thanks to my friend/colleague, Amy Chavez LMT, STRP, BD, CCE, for showing this at a recent Red Tent Event (which she facilitated) and introducing it to me!

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Arcade Phase said...

i think that great music should do the same work , it developes your baby"s brain.