Wednesday, March 02, 2011

What Do The Jolly Green Giant and Human Babies Have in Common?

I was struck by a commercial on television last night.  

It was for Green Giant vegetables.  

Green Giant says that we don't determine when veggies are ready, they do

Why can't the same be said for babies? 

Why are more and more babies being born too early, in spite of the research to the contrary?

Why are more babies being induced before their "due date"?

Why are more babies being born by cesarean, again, in spite of the research?

This is by far an epidemic.  If there was one iconic person leading a media blitz to cause this harm to babies, I am relatively certain he would be hunted down and charged with some crime.

But this hit me like a lightening bolt last night.  Obviously we care more about vegetables than our own children.

When you really sit back and let the impact of this set in, I am sure you will be as nauseated as I am.

We are intelligent humans.  We can do better.  We must do better. Now.

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