Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 Simple Truths About Childbirth ~ #3

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Truth #3:    Many of today’s expectant women are passive, uninformed and fearful

In a discussion several days ago with another seasoned birth professional, we came upon the theory that the reason why so many women present in childbirth class passive, uninformed and fearful is because they may not have had the same type of role models as in the past.  

Rather than strong family members giving birth and being empowered parents, expectant mothers of today are influenced by the media, and the half truths, misinformation and sometimes, out right lies that are told.

When it comes to books, many women are familiar with the main stream books that are trendy and hip but contain, again, misinformation and half truths.  Rather than look for the evidence-based information, they are relying on celebrities and even some of my own maternity/obstetrical colleagues to provide a non-biased view of birth.  Unfortunately, expectant women who rely on these sources lose in the long run.

Likewise, if expectant parents rely on television, they will also lose.  Few if any televised shows about childbirth/breastfeeding present unbiased and/or evidence-based information.  Case in point:  

Please also view this:

And finally, this opinion:

Thank you to American Baby and "Better" for helping to promote the importance of childbirth education classes.   Where do the majority of the expectant parents you know get their information?

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