Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What The Big Latch-On Is......and Isn't

This is World Breastfeeding Week - a week where we focus on the benefits of breastfeeding for babies and moms.  Those benefits are NUMEROUS.  And I appreciate all of the publicity, don't get me wrong.

The negative hoopla around World Breastfeeding Week and the Big Latch On is what concerns me.  So let me set the record straight and give you references to combat the bad press.

What the Big Latch On Is............
According to La Leche League, the first record for one location for simultaneous breastfeeding was from Berkeley California in 2002 where over 1000 mothers participated.   In 2006, an international record for one location was set in the Philippines where over 3700 mothers participated.  From there, the Philippines have partnered each year with other countries and in October 2010, recorded 9,826 mothers in 325 sites in 16 countries.

On Saturday, August 6 at 10:30 am local time, for one minute, women nation wide will be breastfeeding.  Information about registering your local event and the how-tos of signing up for participation in this very special event are on the La Leche League website.  Click here for the specific page.  There are also a "Rules" page and a section where forms for registering your event are located.  Want to know where in your state the events are occurring so far?  Scroll down a little farther on that page and events are divided by state and are in a table format.

Additionally on the La Leche League website, you can find a "Kit" to use to help you celebrate World Breastfeeding Week.  This kit includes professionally designed brochures to print off, planning tips, publicity tips.......if it is too late for you this year, this is a good website to bookmark for next year!

What the Big Latch-On is NOT............

The Big Latch-On is NOT going to be a distraction to any public location in which it is held.  It is not a lewd or obscene event.  It is only 60 seconds of feeding other human beings.  There will be women (of all ages) breastfeeding their children (of all ages), in an effort to reverse the public view of breastfeeding: all too often breastfeeding is the underdog of feeding babies.  The Big Latch-On strives to set the record straight - breastfeeding is the Gold Standard.

So go get your LATCH ON on August 6.  
If you are not breastfeeding a child, go and support those who will be on that day.  Don't hesitate!
And be sure to check out the Milk For Thought Pink Bus coming to a town near you!
Look at the 2011 Breastfeeding Report Card.

And look for the United States Breastfeeding Committee to announce on August 6, that August will be declared National Breastfeeding Month!

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