Monday, May 07, 2012

Social Media and Childbirth Advocacy

Welcome to Childbirth Today's 2012 Blog Carnival - honoring the busy month of May and all of the celebrations of midwives, nurses, doulas and childbirth educators...AND mothers!  Our next blog carnival entry features a post by Tyler Breunig, one of the next generation of birth professionals and her thoughts about social media & professionalism.

As a fledgling Childbirth Educator, I have been struggling with balancing my responsibility to my clients and my desire to be a change-seeking activist. I believe it is my duty as an educator to provide my clients with the evidence based information necessary to have an empowered birth experience. The catch is that it has to be the birth experience of their choosing. I do not get to decide how, when or where they give birth; no matter my personal opinion on the subject.

In the socially media driven world we live in, how do I balance my obligation to my clients with my inner desire to change the way women in America give birth? 

How do I keep my advocacy from influencing my clients’ decisions?

Women are increasingly turning to social media for answers about pregnancy and childbirth. This means that I need to use these same outlets to reach and teach women. This also means that I need to be aware of the information I am posting, writing about, pinning or tweeting. I have to change the way I use social media when I am using it as an educator. I cannot simply post my opinion without regard for its impact on others.

I will continue to try to find the balance between using social media and advocating for change. I want to reach as many women as possible without exclusion and I will let the evidence speak for itself.

About Me:
I am a mother of two wonderful children and wife to an amazing husband. I am working toward becoming an ICEA certified childbirth educator. I also love to cook and I am an avid reader of mystery novels. Giving birth to my children changed my entire world. I believe every mom-to-be has the right to evidence based childbirth education and an empowered childbirth experience.

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