Monday, December 03, 2012

Bottled Up - the Film!

Last week, I found out that one US hospital had abandoned their efforts to achieve Baby Friendly status because of artificially inflated economic number presented to them.  After 30+ years in this business, I thought I'd seen everything and had become accustomed...almost this type of corporate attack on our mothers, babies and future societies.  Oh, but wait.  This angered me more than I can tell you.

Fast forward to today when I viewed the trailer to the powerful new film, "Bottled Up - The Film".  With an advisory board that includes IBCLCs, MDs, and PhDs plus moms who breastfed, this film is one that will shake the newborn world like "The Business of Being Born", rocked the birth world.

As I watched this trailer, I was cheering that someone now shows the real dirty little truth about the business of formula companies and the cultural shift to bottlefeeding rather than the best food - breastmilk.  Yet when I heard Bill Maher say that breastfeeding was a private function like masturbating or "pissing" - I got mad.

View the trailer on their website here:

It will encourage and empower you.  And it could make you angry. 

What are we doing to future generations...for the almighty buck and for convenience?

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