Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chakras ~ how to Open or Rebalance them

From the previous blog, Chakras are energy stations or zones in the body and correspond to various glands or organs.  When a Chakra is blocked or closed or not balanced, it shows up in our lives either mentally, physically or spiritually.  Of course, this is not tangible but the power of the belief in Chakras does make sense. An inventory of the Chakra system can allow the individual to become more mindful and live with greater intention.

Root Chakra

The root chakra is associated with feelings of security, stability, and the feeling that you are grounded no matter what the situation. If your root chakra is blocked or under active, you probably feel unsteady, very nervous, full of anxiety, and fearful. If this chakra is overactive, you tend to feel very materialistic wanting more and being very resistant to changes around you.

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra represents deep loving feelings and sexuality. When this chakra is flowing, you are able to express emotions without being overly emotional. With a balanced sacral chakra, you will find it natural to be intimate and passionate. Additionally, your feelings are grounded and you will not be too emotional or too closed off from your feelings.  An under-active sacral chakra typically displays itself as someone who is very unemotional, does not appear very open to people, is unapproachable and appears cool or even cold to people who come in contact with the person. 

Solar Plexas Chakra

When it comes to having self-confidence, assertiveness, and feeling in control of your decisions, this has to do with the solar plexas chakra. If you tend to be aggressive and domineering, this chakra is most certainly overactive. On the other hand, if you are generally  indecisive, timid, and never get what you want, chances are this chakra is under active.

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra influences your interactions with other people,  your compassion,  love, and  friendliness. If this chakra is under active you tend to be distant and cold with those around you. On the other hand, if this chakra is over-active you may suffocate others with your affections and love.

Balance is the key and provides stability in your life!

Throat Chakra

If you ever feel that you are unable to express yourself while speaking to others, then your throat chakra could be blocked or closed. This chakra directly affects your ability to communicate with others. People with a blocked throat chakra tend to be quiet, shy, and unsure.  If you tend to interrupt others or dominate the conversation while not listening to others, this chakra may be overactive.

Brow Chakra

The brow chakra or third eye has become a major focus for many people, due to the fact that it deals with your inner vision, insight, as well as your intuition. If this chakra is fully open,  you have instinctual insight into the situations around you. However, if this chakra is blocked or unbalanced, you may have a hard time being able to think clearly.

Crown Chakra

The seventh major chakra is the crown chakra. This chakra deals with the feeling of being one with the world, spiritually connected to a Higher Power and about wisdom. When this chakra is balanced and open you will  be very aware of both the physical and spiritual world. If you are not aware of your spirituality and are often rigid in your thinking, this chakra is most likely under active. 

Clearing or balancing chakras is as individual of a process as the individual themselves.  For example, listening to music (particularly with flutes, drums and bells) can be very relaxing and provide balance.  Since aromatherapy triggers both mental and physical responses in the body due to their work on the Limbic System in the brain (which controls emotions, behavior and memory), aromas can trigger balance, too.  Movement such as yoga poses and tai chi can stimulate parts of the body that correspond to chakras.  A good workout at the gym may also be helpful for some.

Meditation is probably the biggest help in balancing or opening fully a chakra.  Meditation is more than just sitting quietly or humming or repeating a word.  It is sitting quietly and observing your body, the functions and the sensations.  It is becoming fully aware of your emotions and their influences.  It is doing interspection and inventory.  Meditation may also be quietly repeating positive affirmations.  Repeating positive affirmations can clear negative emotions and energy ~ and why not?  Negative affirmations can bring a person down and eliminate happiness so why not the opposite?  One type of meditation for Christians is Lectio Divina.  From the Catholic Faith, Lectio Divina is a slow and comtemplative praying of the scriptures.  For a step by step guide to Lectio Divina,click here.  There are many other sources of how-to guides for meditation on the internet to meet your spiritual needs.

Some people enjoy quiet time meditation.  Others prefer a guided meditation during their quiet time.  Below is a Chakra Meditation for Balancing and Healing available on You Tube.

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