Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dare to Be Extreme

Reuters Newswire posted an article on 3/13/13 regarding hospital designation as Baby Friendly and the impact of that designation on initial and long-term breastfeeding rates.

"The paper shows that components of the BFHI steps are important for breastfeeding continuation and are more important than whether a hospital has BFHI accreditation or not," wrote Wendy Brodribb, the study's lead author from The University of Queensland, in an email to Reuters Health.

The bottom line is that saying you are baby friendly or that you have mother friendly staffers or that you believe in moms and babes isn't enough.  Everyone has to agree that physiologic care of laboring/new mothers and newborns is the best practice.  

So they don't all agree?  No it is not that simple.  It is complicated and convoluted.  As I have mentioned countless times before, it is all about education.  That is the key.  Nurses and physicians are not taught physiologic care in schools.  Hospitals don't have time to either teach physiologic care in in-service education or don't want to because, let's face it, physiologic care takes time.  Time which hospitals don't have to spare.  And expectant parents don't know about physiologic care so.............................you see the complexity of the problem?

The above graphic attempts to simplify the problem in a very one dimensional way.  It would take a huge effort on the part of many to bring about the change necessary in maternity care.  Think about the organization(s) through which you hold membership(s).  Do they advocate for evidence-based physiologic care?  If so how and to what degree?  Preaching to the choir is necessary to maintain good energy to all of the troops.  But also, take that energetic message to others.  Sharing that message with other like-minded organizations is necessary.  Urge your organization(s) to reach out and join with other organizations to stand together. 

Don't be tempted by apathy and complacency.

Dare to be extreme.

We must not overlook the role that extremists play. They are the gadflies that keep society from being too complacent. 
~Abraham Flexner

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