Thursday, April 03, 2014

Top 10 Reasons Why YOU Should Attend the 2014 ICEA Convention!

Thinking about attending a conference this year?  Need CEUs or CERPs?  Well, here are the top ten reasons to attend the 2014 ICEA Convention, September 10-13!

10. What a fun get-away! We'll be touring the Biltmore Estate and having dinner there!

 9.  Great location! In breath-taking Asheville North Carolina in the fall as the leaves turn!

 8.  See old friends and meet new ones!

 7.  Network, network, network!

 6.  Get the latest evidence-based research updates plus great poster presentations!

 5.  This is an opportunity for professional immersion, with the great pre-con workshops!

 4.  View our exhibits in the Exhibit Hall - another great opportunity for learning!

 3.  Meet the ICEA Leadership, find out what we've been doing and how you can get involved!

 2.  Learn from the fantastic content brought to attendees by our......

 1.  Amazing Speakers including Dr. Sarah Buckley, Kathy Kendall-Tackett, and more!

For more information about this amazing convention, click here!  Registration opens soon!

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