Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2014 ICEA Conference: Post conference Wrapup

ICEA Pres. Nancy Lantz
Jeannette Schwartz's Skype
Interview with Toni Harmon
of "Microbirth"
Asheville North Carolina was the site of the 2014 ICEA Conference.  With the them of "Back to OuRoots", there was an emphasis on the history of childbirth and ICEA as well as a resurgence of importance on tools and techniques to reach all types of learners in all types of environments.

General Session speakers were Dr. Sarah Buckley, Dr. Pec Inman, Kathy Kendall-Tackett, Dr. Rob Strauss and Jeannette Schwartz, past ICEA President.  The breakout sessions were very hard to choose from with such topics as backwards curricula, using social media, eco friendly moms and babies, and techniques for teaching breastfeeding.

Dr. Sarah Buckley
Vonda Gates and ITP
Jenny Kozlow-Rodriguez
Set against the backdrop of the North Carolina hills and the architectural backdrop of the Biltmore Estate, there was no lack of extracurricular things to do.  On Wednesday evening, there was a reception at the hotel for all attendees and speakers.  Thursday evening saw many attendees travel to the Biltmore Estate for a lovely tour and dinner.  Friday evening was the traditional "President's Pajama Party", complete with a chocolate fountain!

Nicette Jukelevics 
Kathy Kendall-Tackett
& Myra Lowrie
Several new elements of ICEA were announced including the new Doula and Childbirth Education Program brochures, the new Early Lactation Care Program, the formation of the International Teaching Partners (ITP) with the first inductees (Sarah Hannibal, Jennifer Kozlow-Rodriguez, Dr. Meei-Ling Gau, and Dr. Chien Huei Kao), and the new VBAC Program (headed by cesarean and VBAC expert Nicette Jukelevics). Also the Online Doula Program, the new Position Papers, the Military Mother's Initiative and the updating of the Childbirth Education Program were highlighted.

ICEA is certainly moving forward, meeting the needs of the membership and looking for new ways to promote evidence based maternity care.  To this end, ICEA will join with Lamaze once again in a joint conference in 2015.  The theme of this joint conference: 
Raising the Stakes for Evidence-based Practices & Education in Childbirth
demonstrates the determination of both organizations for dynamic work towards making 
evidence-based maternity care the gold standard!

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