Monday, December 15, 2014

Ending Pain in Pregnancy

Ending Pain in Pregnancy by Isa Herrera MSPT, CSCS is a common sense approach to common problems, including symphysis pubic dysfunction, sciatica, and diastasis recti.  For too long, women have been told that pain in pregnancy is "all in their heads" or "it can't be that bad". Many pregnant women suffer their entire pregnancy without relief or compassion.

Herrera operates Renew Physical Therapy in New York City and has dedicated her career to helping women find relief from painful pelvic conditions.

Beginning at the beginning, Herrera discusses anatomy and physiology along with proper body mechanics - the foundations of pain reduction or pain elimination.  In depth, she discusses the change in a woman's body during pregnancy and how the hormones can soften cartilage - affection the pelvic bones.  With careful detail, Herrera explores the causes and symptoms of pain in pregnancy and helps the reader develop a personalized plan.  

She also covers pelvic floor muscles, their function and the importance of Kegel exercises - a topic currently under scrutiny.  In a way that makes sense, Herrera also describes perineal massage, both
with words and clear illustrations.  This is by far the most extensive explanation of Kegels and perineal massage I have ever seen.

Positions to relieve pregnancy pain as well as pain in labor are covered in the traditional sense, but also in modified forms to aid women with orthopedic, spinal or pelvic conditions.  Non-pharmacologic pain relief methods and their inclusion in birth plans rounds out the labor and birth sections. Click here for Labor Positions Chart

To be thorough, Herrera also includes postpartum information.

This is more than a how-to book to be pain free.  It is a dynamic book that encourages health maintenance along with solving problems.  Herrera's common sense approach makes this the perfect book for any expectant woman as well as any doula, childbirth educator, midwife or Labor/Delivery nurse.

More women experience these types of pain during pregnancy than may ever vocalize.  Care providers need to once again be well-versed in the ways to eliminate pain and enable women to take educated control of their bodies.  But this book doesn't only address the physical aspects of pain in pregnancy - it goes a step farther and incorporates relaxation, visualization, meditation, mindfulness and breathing - making this an extraordinary valuable book. 

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481 pages
ISBN: 9780692237212 

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