Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Full Worm Moon Coming March 5; Equinox March 20

Full moons present interestingly in hospital ER’s and ob units.  The gravitational pull is known to affect the biological rhythm in humans, presumably due to the fact that humans are 80% water.  Studies world-wide have verified this phenomenon.

The names of full moons come from our Native American culture.  According to the Farmer’s Almanac, tribes tracked and named the moons based on the activities in a certain season.  For the Full Worm Moon, this signals the beginning of spring….despite the current blanket of snow in many parts of the US.

Originating with the Algonquin Tribes from New England to Lake Superior, the Full Worm Moon was the spring moon.  Spring found that the hard, previously frozen ground had thawed and earthworms began their journey to the top of the ground.  The earthworm presence (their casts or fecal leavings)  signaled robins to begin foraging for food and their songs begin to fill the cool air.  This moon is sometimes called the Sap Moon (when sap from Maple trees began flowing), the Crow Moon (due to Crows cawing), or the Lenten Moon (during the Christian season of Lent and the last full moon of winter).

In March, there is also the vernal equinox, this year on March 20.  It is called the vernal (spring) “equinox”  from the Latin words equal night.  Thus the night and day of March 20 will be nearly the same length in time – 12 hours.  If you happen to be in Chichen Itza, Mexico on March 20, go to the pyramid known as El Castillo.  This pyramid has four staircases from top to bottom and these staircases are built at such an angle that the sunlight looks like an huge snake coming down the stairs on the equinox.   Or if you are in England, you might visit Stonehenge for the annual  gathering.

Like the full moon, the equinox is a time of balance, cleansing (spring cleaning), and renewal.

So watch out about 1:05 pm EST on March 5 and 6:45 pm EST on March 20! 

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