Monday, August 03, 2015

Do You Teach Childbirth Education Classes or Are You A Childbirth Educator?

So,  I am stepping out of my comfort zone by asking this question:

Do you teach childbirth education classes or are you a childbirth educator?

Is there a difference?  Yes, quite a bit.  Let's explore.

If you are someone who teaches childbirth education classes, the following may be true:

  1. Someone has given you the opportunity to add teaching childbirth education classes to your existing job.
  2. The curriculum has been decided already and given to you.
  3. Your teaching strategies, models, charts and videos are also predetermined.
  4. The classes you teach meet at the same location(s), times and dates.
  5. You enjoy the interaction between yourself and your students.
  6. Teaching is a very nice part of your job.

If you are a childbirth educator, the following is most likely true:

  1. You feel a passion for all things birth. You doubt whether you could ever do anything else with your life. It's a calling.
  2. You are trained and certified by a national childbirth education organization.
  3. Most of your time on a computer is spent learning about the new evidence-based information.
  4. You have created or modified your own curriculum; picked out or created models, charts and class manuals/handouts; and previewed your videos.
  5. You know you teach what feels like 24 hours a day: a teachable moment in the grocery line or when someone notices the birth business decal on your car.
  6. Social media is a great forum for education of expectant parents and professionals.
  7. In social settings, you are known as the "baby lady". 
  8. You have stacks and stacks of birth related journals, books and articles.
  9. Your children grow up knowing the internal side views of pregnant bodies and perhaps think that all uteri are made of blue or multi-colored yarn.
  10. Your partner/husband can repeat parts of your classes to help their friends or co-workers.

So let me know.  Do you teach childbirth education classes or are you a childbirth educator?

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