Thursday, November 19, 2015

How a Kim Kardashian pregnancy could help maternity care

Perhaps it is because I get news alerts delivered to my in box about pregnancy or childbirth.  Or perhaps there really ISN'T anything else in the world to talk about than Kim Kardashian being pregnant.  Whatever it is, I am somewhat weary of Kim and her pregnancies.

What if Kim actually took her opportunity as an expectant parent to do something positive for maternity care?

What if she not only talked about the aches and pains and morning sickness of pregnancy, but also highlighted for women what can be done to lessen these discomforts of pregnancy?

What if she focused not on her 40+ lb weight gain but on what a healthy diet looks like for expectant women?  What optimum exercise looks like?

What if she went to childbirth education class and chronicled her learning about pregnancy and childbirth?  

What if she promoted childbirth education?  Not just one organization, but education as a whole?

What if she also promoted going to infant care, infant feeding/breastfeeding classes, postpartum classes, and researched postpartum mood and anxiety disorders?

What if Kim Kardashian actually used her fame to change the way society looks at maternity care?

Somehow, I believe her legacy would mean a whole lot more than it does right now.

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