Monday, March 14, 2016

Outstanding women in Birth: Then and Now

March is Women’s History Month.  How many of these famous contributors to maternity care have you heard of?  Don't know a name? Google her! Put a check by her name so you can see when you have discovered everyone!

___Doris Haire - researcher, writer, childbirth educator, activist, founder of ICEA
___Marjorie Karmel/Elisabeth Bing –writers, founders of Lamaze Int’l.
___Ina May Gaskin -  midwife, writer
___Jennie Joseph
___Debra Pascali-Bonaro – researcher, doula, writer, producer of “Orgasmic Birth”
___Penny Simkin – physical therapist researcher, writer, childbirth educator
___Esther Booth Zorn – co-founder of the Cesarean Prevention Movement
___Nancy Wainer Cohen – researcher, writer, activist
___Susanne Arms researcher, writer, activist
___Susan Hodges – midwife and co-founder of Citizens for Midwifery
___Barbara Harper – midwife researcher, writer, childbirth educator
___Nicette Jukelevics researcher, writer, childbirth educator
___Ruth Ancheta –researcher, writer, childbirth educator doula
___Robbie Davis Floyd – author and anthropologist
___Kitty Ernst – CNM, writer, Director of National Association of Childbearing Centers, past        VP of ACNM  and teacher of some of the first childbirth classes for ICEA
___Mary Cronk – Midwife and activist (UK)
___Elizabeth Davis – co-founder of the National Midwifery Institute
___Rae Davies - researcher, writer, childbirth educator, past prez CIMS

___Roberta Scaer researcher, writer, childbirth educator
___Jan Tritten – midwife, Midwifery Today
___Carolyn Hastie – birth researcher and activist (Australia)
___Phyllis Klaus - researcher, writer, cofounder of DONA International
___Marian Tompson – co-founder of La Leche League Int’l
___Margaret Mead – researcher and birth activist
___Maureen Corry and Carol Sakala – researchers, writers, Listening to Mothers
___Linda J. Smith- researcher, writer, breastfeeding expert
___Dr. Sarah Buckley-obstetrician, researcher, writer (Australia)
___Lee Stewart – co-founder of NAPSAC: International Association of Parents and Professionals for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth
___Mary Breckenridge -  founder of Frontier Nursing Service
___Sister Mary Stella CNM – introduced concept of Family-centered maternity care
___Celeste Phillips – nurse, childbirth educator, promoter of FCMC

___Polly Perez – author, doula, childbirth educator

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