Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Being Creative in Marketing Your Business – It’s a Jungle Out There!

Marketing a small business is so different from marketing just ten years ago!  Technology has grown by leaps and bounds and has changed the landscape of marketing dramatically. Marketing in 2016 needs to include not only print media (business cards, print advertising), but electronic media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).  This can either cause creative juices to flow OR completely stymie someone.  Not all of us are marketing experts….some
of us are truly challenged.  There are some tips to help even the most novice marketing person.

Tip #1 – realize your true value to your prospective clients.  Be honest and write it down.  This will give you content to use when you are in creative mode.

Tip #2 – plan your marketing budget.  This should be a percentage of your annual income and will be used over the course of the year.  Be sure to save some in case you find something absolutely amazing late in the year!

Tip #3 – create your style.  Select a font that you will use almost exclusively, a logo, a company tag line, and even colors.  This will make you recognizable immediately, no matter what the message that you are promoting!

Tip #4 – identify your target market.  Know who will be using your products or services.  Then study how they learn and to what they respond.  What is the age group and what medium do they use for learning?  Once you have answers to these questions, this will provide you with a basic pathway of how to spend your marketing dollars.

Tip #5 – Do you need more specific details about marketing?  Wish there was a workbook that you could use to walk you through the entire process?  Consider Creating and Marketing Your Birth RelatedBusiness !  This book was written by a childbirth professional (me!) and a marketing expert Heather Livingston BA, BBA, MBA (my daughter!).  The first edition has helped nearly 7,000 birth professionals make marketing efforts more meaningful and beneficial for the business.  This new second edition has even more tips and tricks that are proven to bring more clients and more business.  With easy to use concepts and worksheets after each chapter, this may be a wise edition to your business library!

Order yours today!  Or visit our exhibit booth at the ICEA Annual Conference to get a signed copy!

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