Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The World Council on Birth

The World Council on Birth is one of the most prestigious organizations we've ever seen.  Shortly after it's inception, representatives from all of the leading maternity nursing, childbirth education, doula, lactation, midwifery and physician organizations flocked to the first annual meeting!

During that amazing first annual meeting, which lasted seven days, members of the Council discussed the alarming rise in cesarean section rates, maternal morbidity/mortality rates, and infant morbidity/mortality rates.
Evidence based information on every conceivable topic was presented on both a flash drive and print version to each Council member.  It was also posted on the WCB website.  During committee discussions, great headway was made on how to implement evidence-based information in medical school/nursing school teachings, hospitals and birth centers.

The high point of the annual meeting came when one Council member demanded that the observation that everything that is done during the birth process directly impacts breastfeeding implementation, success and duration.  The entire Council rose to its feet with a 25 minute standing ovation.  Then it was back to work in committees to implement yet another stellar concept.

Since that first annual meeting, 55% of the world's medical school/nursing school, hospitals and birth centers are actively implementing the evidence-based policies and procedures, with another 22% coming by the end of the year.  Implementation includes drastic changes in practices, training of all staff in evidence-based/physiologic birth practices and mother-friendly/baby-friendly care.  Over 400 hospitals in the US alone have begun hospital-based doula programs and another 600 are actively referring to doulas in the community.  The statistics for attendance at childbirth education classes is staggering also - we have seen a jump from 34% attendance to 77% attendance in just a few short months in the US.

We are just beginning to see the fruits of their labors!  Cesarean section rates, maternal morbidity/mortality rates, and infant morbidity/mortality rates are beginning a slow but steady decline in every country.  Postpartum PTSD and PMAD and just now also beginning to decline somewhat.  We are making progress!  We ARE moving forward.

(Disclaimer: the above information about the World Council on Birth is 100% satire.  Absolutely none of it is true or accurate.  It is all made up.  It is an exaggeration.  And how disappointing!)

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