Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cleveland Rocks!

How do you describe a workshop where midwives and physicians and nurses come together to learn and talk about waterbirth and water labor? How do you put into words the incredible energy that is felt not only at the workshop but also afterwards? How can you wait until your next childbirth class to tell the clients all the things you learned??????

Well, I am not sure what the answers are to any of the above questions. There was an incredible energy on Thursday in Cleveland at the Waterbirth Credentialing Workshop! Research and interesting information was presented. A "Birth Pool in a Box" was available for we the practitioners to get into and "try out". It is one thing to assist a mother during labor in a pool, it is quite another experience to try it and see how it might feel! Of course there was no water in the pool, however it gave us all new ideas on how to assist women who choose water labor and water birth!

I feel honored and very blessed to be assisting with these workshop during this year!

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