Thursday, May 01, 2008

Great Things for May!

May is going to be a great month ~ it ushers in a whole summer of excitement for expectant parents and birth professionals!

First, here in Dayton Ohio on May 3, is the 4th Annual Bright Beginnings Pregnancy Fair. Sponsored by Dayton Area Labor Support Inc (the local doula group), the Fair generates funds that will be used to provide doula care for underserved expectant mothers.

Second is the Waterbirth Credentialing Workshop for Legacy Emmanual Hospital in Portland Oregon....followed by the Workshop coming to Dayton on June 20! The day after, June 21, Barbara Harper will be hosting the new film "Orgasmic Birth" in Dayton and on June 22, she will be hosting it in Indianapolis! Both parents and professionals alike will be interested in this film that celebrates the JOY surrounding birth rather than the fear that many birth-related television shows portray.

Third, during the summer, will be a place to order the "Birth Pool In A Box"! One of the only inflatable Birth Pools made without phthalates, it is better for the environment, better for mom and baby. Keep watching for more details!

The Summer of '08 will certainly be one to remember...and this is just the beginning!

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