Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Birth Facts

I know, it has been over two weeks since I have updated the Blog. But it is NOT because I have been at rest. Inspired by one of my recent clients, I have created a new website, rather a "baby brother" to www.birthsource.com. The name of the new website is www.thebirthfacts.com . It is a tribute to that new mom and dad's veracity about birth and parenting.

The new site is scheduled to debut on August 1, but YOU get a sneak peak at it now. To my knowledge it is the only website that exists for both expectant parents and birth professionals who want direct links to the research. While still in the infancy stage, it still has quite a few links under each topic area.

Included in the list of topic areas are preeclampsia, inductions, episiotomy, medications and their impact on labor and birth, comfort techniques, water for labor and birth, cesarean sections, pushing/2nd stage of labor, breastfeeding, birth place options and more. Most of the links go directly to the abstract of the original article with the siting of the article present. Other links go to organizations, such as Lamaze, who have carefully crafted position papers, statements or resolutions based on evidence-based information.

It is my hope with this innovative website, more parents AND professionals will have easier access to evidence based information ~ continuing my personal passion to change the conversation about birth!

Let me know your thoughts!

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amanda. said...

connie, this is wonderful! what a resource; thank you!