Monday, September 22, 2008

Hurricanes, Cold Fronts & Motherboards...Oh My!

You know, as I was driving south on 65 toward Atlanta, I wondered why it took so much to keep my Chevy Blazer on the road. Hurricane force winds. But I never imagined what it was doing to Dayton, my home, at the same time. Our town looked like a hurricane hit it - both Ike and a cold front came together and about 90% of our citizens were out of power...some still are. Phones were down, groceries lost produce and freezer/refrig goods, homes were damaged.

Thus, some of the orders on will be delayed due to this.

The Waterbirth workshop in Atlanta at South Regional Medical Center was a great success and we met some really wonderful and mother-centered professionals. One the way home, the drive again through the mountains of Tennessee were breath taking. On Thursday morning, upon awakening at home, I turned on my computer only to find the motherboard had DIED. Trying not to panic, I did use my hubbies' computer for some work but went out a purchased a new computer on Friday (have I mentioned my dislike of Vista?) and then purchased a retriever for the data on the old hard drive. That will be transferred tomorrow and then I will be officially good to go again.

Like Morgan Freeman said in "Evan Almighty" - look at all as an opportunity. If you pray for patience, do you think God is going to give you patience? No, He gives you an opportunity. If you pray for abundance, do you think He will give you abundance? No, He gives you an opportunity.

Guess I have been blessed with a lot of opportunities this past 10 days. Sure hope my opportunities calm down for a bit!

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