Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ike Chases Lamaze Attendees!

What happens when you blend Hurricane Ike (or what is left of him) with a cold front? Some hellacious storms that knock the power out of home town Dayton Ohio just some of the Lamaze Conference attendees get home. As we left the hotel, winds were picking up - I mean really.

I was driving south to Atlanta to do a Waterbirth Credentialing workshop on Tuesday with friend Barbara Harper. The wind blew so hard in gusts that at one point I wondered if my Chevy Blazer would stay on the road! Luckily a Starbucks presented itself and I pulled over to wait until some of the wind settled down. Oh, and I had a Grande decaf skinny vanilla latte. LOL!

By the time some of the other attendees arrived back in Dayton, hurricane force winds blew down limbs and whole trees, snapped flag poles, power lines - now some 100,000 Daytonians are without power. Lord only knows when it will be restored.

The weather has quieted and I am safe in Atlanta. I really like driving from Dayton to Atlanta - especially through the mountains of Tennessee. They are so beautiful but especially so when it is just very lightly raining and the clouds are so low you drive through them!
A little R & R for tomorrow......

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