Saturday, September 13, 2008


Well, for Exhibitors, it is the last day of the conference. We have been truly slammed every break which is a good thing! Jim couldn't help me this year as he is going to the MANA conference in October with me . So I took Erin came with me and it has been a great experience for both of us!

Conferences are really nice because you get to see friends that you don't normally get to see: I got to spend some really quality time with my friend Ruth Ancheta whom I met about 20+ years ago when we were both in Southern California. Also here are Colleen and Jana from So. CA and then too a lot of my Canadian sisters like Kathie Lindstrom. Cathy and Julie from Colorado and then all of the Florida people I know from when we were stationed there in the 1980's.

We have alot of down time right now through the lunch hour - but then the last hour when we get truly slammed - no one realizes the exhibits pack up at 5 pm for good! It usually gets fast and furious during that time. Better rest up for it.........

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