Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Making a list and checking it twice...thrice

Lists. Thank goodness for lists. Without them, lately, I would not be able to remember a thing!

Especially packing lists. Packing the inventory for the Lamaze conference has been great because we have so much new inventory to bring. I am so excited. And we have a larger corner booth this year ~ room to E-X-P-A-N-D. So if you are in Louisville, stop by our booth and say that you read the Childbirth Today Blog. If you do, you will get a special gift!

I am looking forward to seeing friends, old and new, in Louisville, then it is off to Atlanta to the Waterbirth Credentialing Workshop. Barbara and I will be driving back from Atlanta together, brainstorming and talking about future projects. WOW, that trip will go fast with the two of us projecting about projects....

Hope they have alot of Starbucks on the roads I will be taking!

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