Monday, September 08, 2008

The Midewin Center ~ another of my projects! (Sigh)

Along side of the Chicago Birth Summit, comes the Midewin Center.

Last fall, while visiting my in-laws, I was watching a PBS special on Native Americans. The "Midewin" was mentioned, described and truly caught my attention. It means "healing" and I immediately thought to myself that I must do something with that word.

At the time, I didn't quite know what that "something" was...until I got the bug to pull together professionals in the community in one place (sound like something else?) for the common good of the public seeking a collaborative practice. Try as I might, the right core of individuals could not come together. Nor could we find the right location for all of us at the right price. Am I asking too much? Am I not listening right to the Big Guy? What am I missing here?

So the idea sat on the back burner of my ever-busy thought stove until the spring when the perfect location came available. However once again, the right core of individuals were not there AND the price was not there. So, again I wait........

Much to my surprise and NOT in sync with MY calendar, the right core group of 5 and the right location AND the right price all came together about 8 weeks ago! Things moved extremely rapidly and everyone but me had quite a sense of peace about it. Retrospectively, now that we are contracted up to our eyeballs for everyone's peace of mind and safety, this is just as it needed to be.

On October 1, The Midewin Center will open with a variety of proactively healthy services. Currently there are some physical renovations to the space being done by contractors and the Core 5 are assembling furniture, art and other necessities for the move-in.

The closer we get to the move-in date, I will be updating you on the progress. Just know that if you live in the Southwestern part of Ohio, you should be excited. Very excited!

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