Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mourning a Loss in the Midst of Joy

Amidst the joy and strength of the MANA conference in Traverse City, I found out yesterday that my friend and wise colleague from New York, Ilana Stein, passed away.

I am very, very sad.

It has made me do some internal reflection...

We must live each day as if it were our last..who knows, it may be our last!

We must love our family and friends with all of our spirit. Love and honor our spouses. Love, snuggle and honor our children. Grab our friends and hug them with gusto. Love all unconditionally.

In birth, advocate for what is right and just without inflicting our own biases/opinions. Give the evidence, the research, the facts. Be consistent, connecting, and compassionate. Act with energy, ethics and enthusiasm. Be a mentor, leader, sagefemme.

We must try to avoid conflict at all costs...and while I am not in a position to do much about the various wars that continue to rage across our globe, I can pray for those who do have input...pray for their wisdom and pray for their success in quickly ending suffering and conflict.

As I am enjoying the fruits of technology (blogging in the car in the middle of Michigan), I will live each day with gusto and intention, remembering the work of my dear friend. Continuing that work ~ so that all women can birth safely and all babies are born with the very best starts.

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megan said...

Hi Connie,

We do not know one another, however we share a friend. Ilana stein was my mentor when I first became a doula and I just heard of her passing today. I am deeply, deeply saddened and quite shocked, I did not know she was ill.
I wanted to say thank you for your comments. It is helpful to have a reminder that we need to take away some positivity and a renewed commitment to living fully, in the wake of such a sad moment in time.
Ilana had a tremendous impact on me as a brand new doula. She opened my eyes to the wonderment of birth and to the innate and glorious strength that we as women possess. I will forever be grateful to her for the wisdom she imparted.

Megan Meagher