Friday, May 28, 2010

My Top Fav Quotes, As Applied to Birth

I was updating my Facebook Info page the other day when I took a good look at my quotes.  So I decided to take my favorite quotations and apply them to birth!  Yes, this is a quirkie blog post!  If you are reading this on Facebook, please go to to read more posts.

Always stand on principle, even if you stand alone ~ John Quincy Adams
This has pretty much been my credo as I became a birth researcher many years ago and discovered, much to my distress, that nursing practice and maternity care does not always follow the evidence to provide optimal outcomes for mothers and babies.

"Well Behaved Women Rarely make History!"
Those of us who do stand on principle, don't expect to be famous or remembered.  We work everyday so birth can be safe for those who are birthing today and tomorrow.

"It is very Vermonty this time of year"
This is from the movie classic "White Christmas" but it refers to the cold winters of Vermont.  Unfortunately, it also reminds me of the bedside manner of many care providers today.

"Oh, Hell No" (Will Smith)
What is mentally going through my head when a client is facing an unnecessary intervention!  It does NOT come out of my mouth, however!  LOL!

"You need to be more F-L-E-X-I-B-L-E" ~ Elastagirl in The IncrediblesWhat I try to instill in my clients when talking about birth plans - yes, birth PLANS. 

"It's Guuuuuud" (Jim Carrey from Bruce Almighty)
What birth is most of the time!

"Now that is dirty" Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs
Now some people think that breastfeeding is "dirty" or "sexual".  No people, it is food.  FOOD!  And don't even think about saying a mother should feed her baby in a bathroom - never say that to me!

"No Fear" ~ a sticker I bought.With education, there would be no fear of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding or parenting.  We study for a driving test, why don't we study for the most important jobs of our lives?
 "If you polish a turd it is still a turd" ~ Peanut, comedian Jeff Dunham's "friend"
Um, what I think of some research and studies who spin results to suit the sponsor's agenda.

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