Monday, June 07, 2010

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Many of you have visited to check on medications, indications and dosages.

From their website, " is Owned and Operated by WebMD and part of the WebMD network.  RxList is an online medical resource dedicated to offering detailed and current pharmaceutical information on brand and generic drugs. Founded by pharmacists in 1995, RxList is the premier Internet Drug Index resource. Our knowledgeable staff at RxList continuously reviews and updates the site with articles written by pharmacists and physicians and data provided by credible and reliable sources like the FDA and First Data Bank, Inc. to ensure the most accurate and beneficial information is provided."

So this is a website we can trust and quote, right?

Upon scanning for indications for Pitocin use, I found this, boxed and highlighted:


Elective induction of labor is defined as the initiation of labor in a pregnant individual who has no medical indications for induction. Since the available data are inadequate to evaluate the benefits- to-risks considerations, Pitocin is not indicated for elective induction of labor.

Your thoughts?

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