Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Studies, Practice Changes & Evidence II

Following up on my previous blog regarding examination of studies, I recently came across this website and wanted to pass it on to readers as an excellent resource for beginning to understand research --> http://understandingresearch.com/.

On her site, Andrea Lythgoe talks about her background and how she came to create the website: "Currently I have my own doula and childbirth education business, Pampered Birth, I teach natural childbirth classes at St. Mark's Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT and I teach a history course and a research course for the Midwives College of Utah."

On Understanding Research, Andrea has several great aspects including "Finding Studies" which explores the internet resources available to those looking for studies; "Journals" a comprehensive listing of journals that publish birth research; "Resources" where she listed other valuable research sites such as our The Birth Facts; a dynamic grouping of articles about research and an extensive glossary of terms used in research.

If you are beginning to explore the ins and outs of research and would like to know how to begin, Andrea's site is the place to go!

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