Monday, May 21, 2012

Toddlers & Tails….keeping the peace!

Welcome to Childbirth Today's 2012 Blog Carnival - honoring the busy month of May and all of the celebrations of midwives, nurses, doulas and childbirth educators...AND mothers!  Today's blog carnival entry features a post from Jennifer Shyrock BA, CDBC, who is owner of Family Paws LLC of Cary NC!

Parents with toddlers and tails under one roof often feel overwhelmed trying to juggle the needs and safety of their active toddler and dog.    The good news is that there is help!  Family Paws Parent Education offers positive, practical and affordable solutions to increase safety and success while decreasing stress.  

We commonly get questions such as:
·         My dog won’t stop nipping my toddler
·         Why is my dog growling at my toddler when he crawls near him?
·         How can I prevent my dog from destroying our toddler toys?
·         How do we entertain our dog when we are already so busy!!?

If you have pondered these questions or have heard them from others then we have solutions for you! We have over 100 licensed presenters of our programs in the Unites States and beyond that cover these important topics through a community presentation or private in home consultation through their business.  We want families to have resources BEFORE they need them.  We want to decrease the miscommunication that often sadly leads toddlers and dogs in an unsafe situation.  Toddlers and dogs do not come with manuals but at least with toddlers we speak the same language!  Dogs communicate with us as they do with other dogs.  Dog language is NOT familiar to even most dog lovers.  It is natural for parents to know some of the signals and how their dog communicates but because dogs are dogs…they have their own very special communication that goes far beyond tail wags, growls and bites.    Learning the many subtle signals prior to a growl can really make you, your dog and toddler live more peacefully under the same roof. 

Here is a freewebinar in honor of Dog Bite Prevention Week!  In this short webinar I present many subtle signals and topics thousands of parents have indicated have been eye opening when it comes to interacting with all dogs and their children.  If you ever have questions, concerns or great stories of success we want to hear from you!

About the author:
Jennifer Shyrock BA, CDBC (Certified Dog Behavior Consultant). She is an expert in Dog and Baby interaction and harmony and is owner of Family Paws LLC in Cary, North Carolina and holds a degree in Special Education.  Her two programs Dogs and Storks® and the Dog and Baby Connection™, along with may of the programs’ expert presenters have been featured in national media from The Wall Street Journal to TV and radio.  Find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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