Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Daddy Blogs ~ Part 3

Welcome to the Daddy Blogs! With Father's Day later this week, we have asked several Fathers to focus on Father's Day and what being a Father means to them.  Our next Daddy Blogger is Christopher James from Beavercreek Ohio and Father to two active preschoolers!

Without a doubt, witnessing the birth of my son Warren five years ago was one of those life moments I will never forget.  The joy, the elation, the sheer wonder of it all was simply overwhelming.  After years of struggling with fertility issues, Molly and I felt quite blessed.  So as you can imagine, welcoming our second son Devon into the world some two years later was equally as exciting.

Chris and Newborn Warren
I'll never forget the ride home from the hospital with Warren.  I was 31 years old with 15 years driving experience.  Yet my senses were on edge like never before.  I don't think I ever drove as carefully as I did that day.  My awareness of all the possible dangers that surrounded us was quite shocking to me.  This child was my responsibility!

A family walk

It seems obvious looking back, but the realization that Warren and Devon depend on Molly and I for everything - not just for food and shelter, but their safety and well being - was quite something.  It was important for me to look out for him even in situations that didn't seem particularly dangerous.  The sense of responsibility is instinctive.

Any parent will tell you about the unconditional love you feel for your child, and the sacrifices we all make without a second thought.  Your life becomes all about them.  There's nothing I wouldn't do for my two boys.   And that’s how it should be.

Chris and Warren
But then there's the really cool stuff too.  The first smile.  The first laugh.  Cheering them on as they take their first steps. Seeing their eyes light up when I chase them around the house and wrestle them to the floor. Watching them cover their faces in vanilla icing as they attempt to eat their first birthday cake. Taking pictures as they hunt for Easter Eggs. Feeling their excitement as they rush to greet me when I pick them up from school. Opening presents on Christmas morning.  The list is endless!

Chris and Devon
Warren and Devon are without a doubt, the most precious things in my life.  Not only do they motivate me to be a good father, but as their role model, they make me want to be a better person in all aspects of my life. 

Every day brings brand new experiences and priceless memories.  And each Father's Day that passes is a reminder that time slips by far too quickly.  Father’s day for me is a friendly reminder to always be striving to step up the game and give them my all.

About the author:
Christopher James is husband to Molly, and proud Daddy to Warren (4) and Devon (2).  Chris is a website designer, videographer and entrepreneur based in Dayton Ohio.  He is also the founder/publisher of  Originally from England, Chris has lived in the Dayton area for 11 years, and became an American citizen in 2007.

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