Friday, June 15, 2012

The Daddy Blogs ~ Part 4

Welcome to the Daddy Blogs! With Father's Day later this week, we have asked several Fathers to focus on Father's Day and what being a Father means to them.  Our next Daddy Blogger is Russell Wing, an experienced Dad with great advice!

I was asked to put together some information about being a good dad. Well I am not sure in my younger years I had any idea how to be a good dad. I was not grown up myself. My beautiful wife Kathy had to raise our three boys and me at the same time. Our boys were never the problem that I was. If I can give any advice, it would be adore your spouse and keep God in the mix as number one, then your spouse, then the kids.

My boys were all boy and they were all involved in sports and were good students. My oldest, Brad, is a preacher in Canada today and is a much better daddy than I ever was. He and Eli and Sarah are best friends and respect their parents. Brad and his mom and I did everything together from birth forward. He played basketball from about four years old up and into college. He was a great athlete and was valedictorian of his class. He has a Master’s degree from Southeastern Seminary.

Cory, my middle son, works daily with me in real estate and is a great guy. He is married to a wonderful girl, who is a successful new homes sales agent. Cory collects guns and has lots of creative talents. Cory went to Columbia International University. Kris and Cory live in Davidson, NC.

Tony, my youngest, is my buddy. He also works with me and his mom. Tony is a real smart guy and dates a wonderful girl named Abby, whom we all hope he marries real soon. Tony went to Liberty University and has a Master’s degree from Southern Evangelical Seminary. Tony owns a home in Charlotte.

Now let’s get down to business. If you want to be a good dad do these things: Put God #1 then family then work. I did the backward. So as a dad, I spent time doing with the boys what I thought was cool but let mom deal with the mundane things while I entertained myself. I can tell you at 60 years old, you cannot replace those years or the time lost trying to be rich and cool.
It’s simple to be a good dad by treating mom like the queen she is. If you marry a lemon, just squeeze her. It’s not about you. That will stop a lot of divorces.

Tell your kids every day you love them. Kiss them and hug them…even as adults, they love to hear it. Don't try to have them be all you never were. And even if you were a jock with brains, your kids are not you. Let them be artists or band members or scouts etc. etc. etc. Support them and love them and encourage them. Guess what ~ you will need them someday. I know that now.

Author’s Bio:
Russell grew up in Indiana. He graduated from Brownsburg High School in 1971 and has been married to his wife, Kathy, since 1974. They have 3 boys and live in Indian Trail, NC.  He went in real estate in 1977 and work with his dad until 1999, when they moved to Monroe and has been a Realtor here ever since. He and his wife own Wing Property Management and work with The Allen Tate Company. Russell is a deacon at First Baptist Indian Trail. He is chairman of the board for Union County Habitat for Humanity, Vice Chair for The Arc of Union, Member of the Union County Planning Board, member of The Mumpo Board, vice chair of Family Fortress Ministries, member of North Carolina Association of Realtors and a State Political Coordinator. He is an Executive committee person for the Union County Republican party and vice chair for Safer Communities Ministries.  

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