Friday, January 18, 2013

More Top Pregnancy and Childbirth Apps

Last time we looked at The Pregnancy Wheel, Safe Pregnancy and Birth, iDoula, Ilithyia, and Partogram.  Now, we explore four different apps for pregnancy and birth.  

Next time, we will focus on breastfeeding apps for the parent as well as the professional!

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I am very excited about this particular app!  

iBirth is an app made by childbirth educators and is truly impressive!  Co-founder Judith Nowlin is a birth doula and Bradley childbirth educator and mother and co-founder Amanda Hanson is also a Bradley childbirth educator and mother plus is a Doctor of Psychology.  Together, they have brought great videos of positions to use in labor, with suggestions for back labor and pushing, dynamic information about prenatal nutrition (complete with grocery lists!), and Tips & Lists.  Tips and Lists include tried and true birth secrets, food to eat in labor, and more evidence-based tips.  They’ve even included vocalization in labor and birth. 

I was so excited about this app, I emailed Judith and Amanda.  In the phone interview with Judith, she told me of the "conception" of this tremendous idea (or their "4th baby" as they both have 3 children)  and how the app was birthed in 2009.  Using the client-dads and their tech knowledge together with Judith and Amanda's strong backgrounds, they worked to create the ultimate pocket guide for both parents and professionals.  "We saw the value of how what we do face to face with our clients impacts their lives. We put care into the language we used in this app and didn't want to replicate other apps," said Judith.  They wanted to have an impact on maternity care - and so they have!

An updated version of the app is in the planning stages - it will make the app more interactive, and have more content and increased functionality.

There is also a 22 minute DVD + 3 extra segments for vocalization from iBirth available at Amazon or their website ( for only $29.95.  You will be able to read a review about this DVD soon on this blog.
Our rating: *****(5 stars++) ~ in other words, you need this app!

Also from iBirth is the free Simple Contraction Timer.  Data history is preserved even if the app is closed or the phone is turned off.  A great asset for dads/partners during labor.

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Hypno 4 Birth was nuilt by British certified hypnobirthing educator Dany Griffiths.  As an introduction to hypnobirthing and a pipeline to the website.  Griffiths has included an overview of hypnobirthing, what can be learned in a class (in person, home study or Skype), samples of birth stories, fundamentals of birth affirmations, a lovely Mp3 segment with music and birth affirmations and information on how to contact her. If you are interested in learning more about hypnobirthing or know someone who is interested, this is a great way to get some preliminary questions answered.
Our rating: *** (3 stars)

My 9 Months comes from the March of Dimes Foundation but is currently an iPad only app.  This great app tells you what is happening during prenatal appointments, discusses fetal development week by week, helps you make your birth plan, suggests how to reduce stress and how to get started breastfeeding and even includes a glossary of terms. Extremely interactive.
Our rating: *****(5 stars+)

Stage 1 is a fantastic free app from Arboretum Software.  Helps tell you where you are in labor so you don’t end up at the hospital too soon.  Follows Lamaze-style by providing a focal point, soothing timing ring and background picture that you choose to facilitate breathing techniques.  Great overall reviews.
Our rating: *****(5 stars)

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