Monday, April 29, 2013

International Week for Respecting Childbirth May 20-27

The International Week for Respecting Childbirth (SMAR = Semaine Mondiale Pour L’Accouchement Respecte) is an opportunity to express a common commitment through an international campaign for the respect of the birth. It takes place every year in May. Each Global Week focuses on a specific theme. The theme for 2013 is "Please do not disturb, Birth in progress". (To get more information on this global even, go to

Imagine what we could accomplish if we all worked together!

So let’s try it!
International Week for
Respecting Childbirth
May 20-27, 2013

First, friend me on Facebook and encourage all of your peers and colleagues to do the same – then, look for the Facebook Event “International Week for Respecting Childbirth” – join it!

Second, begin now to write blogs, update your Facebook page and Tweet about the importance of attending childbirth education classes.  While this is not quite the Global Theme, you would learn about undisturbed birth and laboring the way the mother wants to labor if you attended childbirth classes!

As birth professionals, regardless of the smaller segment we represent (childbirth educators, doulas, nurses, physicians, midwives, massage therapists, lactation consultants and others), if we band together toward one common goal, we CAN and WILL make a difference.

Are you with me?

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