Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Can Teach Childbirth Educators

Do you feel like voyeur into Kim Kardashian's life?  

Sometimes, I feel like I do.  All over my newsfeed are stories about Kim's pregnancy, body hair
nightmares, weight gain, fears, anxiety, relationships, parenting.....WHEW!

And I began getting annoyed with it all until I had an AH HA! moment.  

Kim Kardashian's publicist(s) really do a great job with social media!

Think about it. She can't even take a breath (Lamaze or otherwise) without everyone knowing about it.  We'll probably know the contents of her Lamaze bag, layette, how she is feeding the baby and so much more than we should know.

Now, if childbirth professionals took a topic each "trimester" and infiltrated social media like that, we could very well change the face of maternity care in any country....in every country.

Just sayin'.........

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