Thursday, May 14, 2015

Everything is Accurate on the Internet, Right? Bonjour!

Watch this video:

Just Google it.

Ask Siri.

Everything you read is accurate on the internet, right?

Well not always.

Here's the straight truth:  not everyone is writing evidence-based information.  Some writers give their opinions or the opinions of others.  Some writers choose to quote sources that are out of date (the optimum number of years for research data to be significant is within 3-5 years). Other writers will quote themselves or their books, neither of which are evidence based.

When reading about birth and breastfeeding on the internet, go to the reliable sources.  These sources include PUB MED (National Institute of Health), Cochrane Database, Childbirth Connection, or any source that references within 3-5 years of the current date.

It's ok to Google It or to Ask Siri.  You just have to be able to evaluate whether the source that was found is viable. 

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